PROPOSAL: Design a Fish Market along the Miami River on the site of Lummus Park in a developing area. Challenge: Create a design that keeps in mind both facades. Since the site is located in an upcoming area, many high rises will most likely be constructed; so designing a “roof facade” was just as important as the other two.

PROGRAM: A fish market for local fisherman to sell their catches.

DESIGN: Organically shaped folded concrete roof that would provide overall protection from the natural elements. I had the intent of creating an open uninterrupted space along the river where visitors can come and enjoy as a community space, not only just for the market.

FURNITURE DESIGN: Taking the roof as inspiration, I also designed the benches using the same organic shape to create a variety of seating.

  • Date Spring 2014

View from the Miami River with Downtown Miami in the background and the design proposal for the Fish Market on the left side

Floorplans | Cross Section through the Miami River | Elevation Detail | Site Plan

Below- The individual fish market stalls are within each module between the load bearing walls that rise to support the light weight concrete folded roof above. This allows an open uninterrupted view out to the Miami River, as well as cross ventilation. The seating I designed is meant to enhance the experience for locals to come to this market and enjoy it as a community.

Above Band- Initial Concept Design Study Sketches

Below Band- Design Process Conceptual Models